249180_590509057649421_303935759_nAkshat Goel- Working as Oracle Database Administrator in Orange. He is the brain behind all technical activities on Starksky.He did Engineering from ITM University, Gurgaon. He is an avid Android programmer who is always looking to learn something new. A lover of cars and classic rock, he wishes to create a world of apps to educate the general society. Some one who chooses to be discrete with his emotions and only pens down his thoughts in form of Verses- Think!

941933_10151455027472555_1418512675_nPrannay Jha- (Great Musicians) – He is responsible for the idea generation, publicity and website maintenance. He is studying Mechanical in Manipal Institute of Technology and hence has no clue about JAVA. He is new into Android app making and uses 3rd Party software to do so. A passionate blogger, he wishes to flood the world with his thoughts- Subtle Words

Akshay Jain – (AuLo)  – One who appreciates art and is a natural lover of technology.

Sandeep Goyal – (Kanu Talks) – Kanu talks is the brain child of him. He loves to create, innovate new things in a way which can be used for the society.

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